close up of two men shaking handsServices Help Members Manage Property and Liability Risks

MCIT offers members access to a variety of services that are provided with membership. Each of these is designed to help members better manage risks within their organizations. When a claim is averted or mitigated, members reap the benefits. Fewer or less severe claims can translate into lower rates, more services, enhanced coverage and dividends.

Services include:

  • Risk management consultation
  • Loss control consultation
  • Boiler inspections
  • Fire Protection Assessments
  • Specialized coverage placement
  • Employee Assistance Program

Risk Management Consultation

Each member has an assigned consultant who can assist with coverage, liability and risk management concerns. They review contracts and joint powers agreements, providing a risk management perspective. They assist members in identifying potential risks and offer advice about how members could manage them.

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Loss Control Consultation

Each member has an assigned MCIT loss control consultant who helps members with safety issues, such as written safety programs, hazard identification, ergonomic assessments, OSHA standards interpretation and employee injury data analysis. Loss control consultants also can participate in member safety committee meetings, conduct employee safety training and provide written loss prevention educational resources.

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Boiler Inspections

MCIT has partnered with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) to provide equipment breakdown coverage (a.k.a. boiler and machinery coverage). Pursuant to this arrangement, HSB performs on-site equipment loss prevention activities and inspections required by law on boilers and pressure vessels. Such inspections are required for the renewal of the registration certificate with the State of Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry’s Code Division.

HSB provides more information about equipment breakdown coverage and causes of claims on its website:

For further information, contact MCIT director of field services.

Specialized Coverage Placement

The unique operations of MCIT members occasionally present the need for specialized coverage that is not provided under the MCIT Coverage Document. The MCIT service team can assist members in securing coverage for these unique exposures, such as:

  • Builder’s risk
  • Liquor liability
  • Volunteer accident

For more information about these coverages, contact MCIT underwriting manager.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a risk management tool designed to provide member employees and their dependents access to qualified counselors to assist in resolving personal issues that may affect workplace performance. This short-term counseling service is provided at no cost to member employees, elected officials and their dependents; is voluntary; and is confidential. Learn more about the EAP.