Social Media and Technology

Social media signs saying "share," "comment," "post," "tweet," "like," "news," "blog,"Social Media and Technology Pose Risks for Public Entities

Computers are an integral part of doing business for public entities. Generally computers make work easier and more efficient, but it is not without risks for organizations. MCIT has developed resources to help members manage the risks to which they are exposed due to the use of computers, smart phones, tablet computers, the Internet and social media in the workplace.

Social Media in the Workplace

Three broad areas may expose public entities to risk when it comes to social media use in the workplace:

  • Employee personal use of social media
  • Using social media and Internet searches when making hiring decisions
  • Social media employment references

The MCIT resource Social Media in the Workplace addresses these issues and provides risk management recommendations.

Employee Use of Personal Devices for Work Purposes

Generally referred to as BYOD (bring your own device), when employees use their personal electronic devices (e.g., smart phones, tablet computers) for work purposes, it poses risks for both the employer and the employee. Managing the risks often involves trade-offs for both parties. Issues public entities must consider when determining if they will allow employees to use their personal electronic devices for work purposes include:

  • Data retention, preservation and retrieval obligations
  • Data privacy and security
  • Fair Labor Standards Act compliance

The MCIT resource Employee-owned Technology in the Workplace: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) provides more information and risk management advice for this issue.

On-site Training

MCIT staff is available to present training sessions for members related to social media in the workplace and BYOD. See the Speaker Services page for more information.