Step Wisely: Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention


Table display of Step Wisely posters, mini fliers, table tents, handbook and Public Risk Management Association award
Step Wisely display, training and facility management materials assists with preventing slip, trip and fall accidents and injuries year round.

Prevent Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

Preventing slip, trip and fall accidents could save your organization significant costs, time and grief related to liability and workers’ compensation injuries. The Step Wisely program provides eye-catching materials about smart safety habits to reach employees and the public.

Step Wisely: How to Use the Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Program

The above video explains how members can get the most out of the Step Wisely program. It discusses the different parts of the program and provides tips on how best to use each.

  • Step Wisely Overview: This document highlights the various components of Step Wisely and gives tips on how to use the program to its fullest.
  • Access Step Wisely Materials: All Step Wisely items can be downloaded from this website (see links to the left and below). Members who would like to have printed items sent to them should complete the Step Wisely order form and return it to MCIT at

Poster showing man and woman walking down office hallway that is clear of clutter. Text: Avoid Injury. Always Keep Walkways ClearAlert Staff to Year Round Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards

Slips and falls do not just happen when it’s snowy out. Remind staff about hazards present throughout the year with the year round Step Wisely materials.  Choose from different campaigns to fit your needs.

One of the keys to a successful campaign is to use a variety of formats to share messages with employees and to put tips in front of employees frequently. Members are encouraged to set a schedule for using Step Wisely materials. This keeps staff thinking about and recognizing hazards throughout the winter.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents Are Frequent and Costly

Annually slips, trips and falls represent a large number and significant cost of claims for MCIT and its members:

  • Such claims cost MCIT members $2.4 million each year on average.
  • Slips and falls account for about 23 percent of member-reported workers’ compensation claims and 32 percent of the costs.
  • For all general liability claims reported to MCIT, slip, trips and falls represent 36 percent of claims and 24 percent of costs.