Step Wisely Animated Videos

Short Videos Highlight Winter Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Taking a light-hearted approach, these animated videos illustrate slip, trip and fall hazards and provide safety tips. Each video is no more than two minutes. Members are encouraged to be creative with using these. Some suggestions include posting to the member entity’s intranet site, e-mailing links to employees, playing the video(s) as a training or discussion starter.

Animated Videos

Easy Distribution of Animated Videos

The videos are provided to MCIT member entities to distribute to their employees. Two easy ways to provide the videos to employees is by posting to the entity’s intranet site as a streaming video or by e-mailing links to the videos on MCIT’s online player to employees. 


Winter 2020-’21 Videos: P.A.W.S.: Pause, Assess and Walk Safely Theme 

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Sports Theme Videos

The following videos are a series that work best when viewed in the order presented below. When all four are viewed, it tells a full story, so watching them out of order may be confusing for viewers.

Video 1: Winter Safety All Star Championship: Get Out of a Vehicle: Watch as contestants attempt to safely exit a parked vehicle in a snowy parking lot. Will contestant No. 23 be able to keep from slipping?

Video 2: Winter Safety All Star Championship: Illegal Route: An impatient contestant takes an illegal route through a snowbank to try to save time.

Video 3: Winter Safety All Star Championship: Shuffle Step: Watch to see if contestant No. 51 can execute the shuffle step to keep from slipping and falling on snow and ice in the parking lot.

Video 4: Winter Safety All Star Championship: Successful Entry: Entryways of buildings on snow days pose their own hazards. Watch to see if No. 8 can successfully arrive at work with no slips, trips or falls.