Tutorials: On-demand Instructional Videos

Short, On-demand Tutorials for Risk Management and Safety Topics

The following videos provide short tutorials to help members improve safety and risk management efforts. Tutorials can be viewed directly on this site at any time without the need to download additional applications or software. 

Members are encouraged to contact their MCIT risk management and loss control consultants with their questions and to explore related materials in the Resource Library for more information.

Viewing Tip: Click the icon of arrows pointing to the four corners (in bottom right of video screens) to watch in full screen mode.

Reporting Employee Accidents and Near Misses

Discusses the importance of reporting these incidents and the process for doing so, including what happens after a workplace injury or illness is reported to MCIT.

Step Wisely: Using the Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention Program

Explains how members can get the most out of the Step Wisely program. It discusses the different parts of the program and provides tips on how best to use each.

Accident and Near Miss Investigations

Discusses the reasons these incidents should be investigated, the investigation process and common mistakes to avoid when investigating these incidents.

Certificates of Insurance

Explains when a certificate of insurance is necessary and discusses information included in the certificate’s various sections. It points out key information for which to look and how to verify that coverage matches an entity’s requirements. The tutorial also discusses how to request a certificate of coverage from MCIT.