Work Wisely Program Helps Build a Positive Safety Culture

Work WIsely logo shows text interrupted by yellow icon of person working on tabletProgram Assists Members in Reducing Workplace Injuries, Illnesses

One employee explains to another the danger of leaving twisted power cords in walkways.

The MCIT-created Work Wisely program helps members foster and support a positive safety culture:

  • Encourage each employee to become a safety advocate.
  • Boost the safety mindset of employees.
  • Improve general safety behaviors.

Positive Safety Culture Benefits Employers and Employees

A thriving positive safety culture can:

  • Reduce employee work-related injuries and illness.
  • Improve productivity.
  • Raise employee morale.
  • Lower operational costs.
  • Boost organization’s reputation.
  • Reduce employee absenteeism.

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Cover image for "Safety Culture" publication showing a safety committee meeting with middle-aged man in foreground and various safety publications at the table while others talk in the background

Safety Culture Handbook

“Safety Culture: Techniques for Building Positive Organizational Change” is a guide for how to construct and improve a positive safety culture.

Handbook includes pre-assessment questionnaire, references to additional resources and practical tools any safety committee or supervisor can use to keep safety at front of mind.

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Middle-aged man holds a clipboard and pen against bright yellow background with text "Building a Positive Safety Culture"

Building a Positive Safety Culture Training Session: Coming Soon!

This session can be presented to board members, department heads and others. It explains the concept of a positive safety culture and its importance to the organization. Members can present the session or the organization’s MCIT loss control consultant can do it.

Work Wisely Safety Culture Campaign Materials

A variety of materials are available to help members build awareness among their employees about general safety concepts and to improve their safety mindset. The Work Wisely campaign targets five behaviors that often lead to workplace injuries: haste, shortcuts, complacency, keeping quiet and indifference. Campaign materials include posters, mini fliers, table tents, e-mails/lock screen images, training scripts and more!

Work Wisely Video: Get Wise to Safety Villains

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Yellow field with text "Always Work Wisely" and icon of person working in diamond caution sign

Work Wisely Label

Place the label in spots where you want to remind employees quickly about keeping safety in mind. It can be added to ID badges, payroll envelopes, employee memos, policy and procedures, etc. A PDF of 60 labels per page can be printed to a standard Avery label sheet, and the single jpeg image can be added to electronic communications.

Get Wise to Haste

Get Wise to Shortcuts

Get Wise to Complacency

Get Wise to Keeping Quiet


Get Wise to Indifference
(Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility)

Get Wise to Indifference
(Protect Your Co-workers)

Keys to a Successful Safety Culture Campaign

Three arrows create circle showing feedback loop of observe behaviors, imitate behaviors and reinforce behaviors

A safety culture campaign works by tying into a positive feedback loop (see at left) by communicating and reinforcing safety goals and initiatives to employees:

  • For optimal effect, the board, administration and management should show their support of the campaign to demonstrate the organization’s commitment to safety.
  • A successful safety culture campaign uses a number of methods to convey the message as detailed in the Safety Culture book. 

Quick Take on Safety: Speaking Up for Safety image of first page of training script

Quick Takes on Safety: Training Scripts and Handouts

The Quick Take training sessions require about five minutes to review with staff. They are ideal for the beginning of staff meetings. Each has a corresponding employee handout.

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More Resources

More Ready-to-send Safety E-mails: Safety committees can get a great deal of mileage out of  ready-to-go safety e-mails. Send a new e-mail to employees regularly (e.g., once a week) to help create safety awareness and a positive safety culture among employees.

Safety Recognition Sample Certificate: This fillable PDF certificate can be used as part of a member’s safety recognition program.  

Sample Near Miss Report: This sample form can modified to fit a member’s needs and is for employees to report near miss incidents.

Employee Accident/Incident Investigation Report: This form records information learned while investigating an incident involving an employee that results in injury or illness.