Workplace Injury Hotline: Medical Triage for Work-related Incidents

Nurse Making Phone Call At Nurses Station Smiling To CameraWorkplace Injury Hotline Provides 24/7 Access to Medical Professionals for Injured Employees

Toll-free All Day, Every Day

Call 911 immediately if the injury is life threatening.

The MCIT provided workplace injury hotline powered by Medcor is for all work-related injuries. The hotline is a simple and effective way to improve outcomes for employees hurt on the job. It also serves to begin the workers’ compensation claim process.

Members are encouraged to become familiar with the workplace injury hotline and promote its use to all supervisors and employees. Through the hotline:

  • Injured employees and their supervisors receive immediate access to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Nurses provide sound clinical recommendations about when first aid is appropriate and when medical referrals are necessary.
  • All designated recipients, including MCIT, receive a report. This begins the workers’ compensation claim process.

The service is for employees who are injured at work. It is not for clients or visitors to a member’s facility, nor is the hotline to be used for employee injuries that are not work related.

How It Works

As soon as practical after a work-related injury occurs:

  1. Supervisor and employee call the toll-free hotline at 1.833.523.0277. The employee should call the hotline even if the supervisor is unavailable. If the injury is life-threatening, call 911 immediately; do not call the hotline.
  2. Talk to a nurse: After a short digital message, the supervisor and employee talk to a registered nurse. He or she gathers information about the injury.
  3. Treatment is recommended: Self-care instructions or referral for medical treatment is provided.
  4. MCIT notified: Medcor sends a report of the incident to MCIT after the call. This serves as the first report of injury and begins the claim process. The report is also sent to the member organization.

Note: If the injured employee seeks medical care before placing a call to the hotline, members should not call the service. Rather, the incident should be reported to MCIT through the online member portal following the member’s internal reporting procedures.

Learn More and Promote the Injury Hotline

Download the below materials to help staff learn more and get the word out.

Workplace Injury Hotline user guide cover image: nurse on phone smiling at camera
Workplace Injury Hotline User Guide: PDF

Workplace Injury Hotline poster image: Nurse on phone smiling at camera
Workplace Injury Hotline Wall Poster: PDF 
(11×17 in.)

Workplace Injury Hotline magnet image showing nurse on phone smiling at camera

Workplace Injury Hotline Magnet: 
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Training Script and Handout

Quick Take on Safety: Workplace Injury Hotline thumbnail of script document

Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for members to use the workplace injury hotline?

The hotline is provided as part of membership. There is no charge/cost for using the service.

Should we call the hotline for all reportable events?

The hotline is not intended for emergency situations. The hotline should only be used for injuries or illnesses that require an immediate medical assessment (e.g., back injury, cuts, eye injury, etc.). If an employee has already sought or received medical attention, the injury should be reported to MCIT using the online form available on the MCIT website using the member’s internal reporting procedures; do not call to the injury hotline.  

The purpose of the service is to provide an injured employee and his or her supervisor immediate access to a medical professional who will provide sound clinical decisions about when first aid is appropriate and when a medical referral is necessary.

Must the supervisor be the one to call the hotline?

Ideally the supervisor and the employee should call the injury hotline together, with the supervisor making the call and providing the initial information to the nurse. When the supervisor is unavailable (e.g., employee works at an off-site location or a different shift than the supervisor), the employee should call the hotline directly. The hotline nurse will submit the incident to MCIT, which then generates a first report of injury form that is sent to the member’s designated workers’ compensation contact. The member should not report the injury using the MCIT website if using the hotline, as MCIT will have been advised of the incident by Medcor.

What is the average length of a call to the injury triage hotline?

The average call is 15 minutes, including the introductory recording.

How is the call center staffed?

Registered nurses staff the call center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They work under the direction of Medcor’s full-time medical director, who is board-certified in emergency medicine.

Do nurses speak any other languages besides English?

If a language barrier exists, a translation service is quickly brought into the call. More than 200 languages are available.

When nurses recommend self-care, can employees still request to see their own doctor?

Absolutely. Employees can choose their medical provider. This service is intended to offer employees options for medical care to address their immediate medical needs.

If a medical referral is made, what information should employees take with them?

No information is necessary unless your organization requires specific paperwork. The hotline nurse automatically sends an injury report to the designated clinic prior to the injured employee’s arrival, providing Medcor has appropriate contact information.

Are calls recorded?

All calls are digitally recorded for quality assurance and accuracy to document the facts of the injury. Callers are notified that the call is recorded and they consent to the recording by participating in the call.

What is the role of your organization’s designated MCIT workers’ compensation contact when using the workplace injury hotline?

There is only one difference. Instead of the workers’ compensation contact submitting the incident to MCIT, the hotline nurse makes the report. 

Will my organization’s designated MCIT workers’ compensation contact be notified when a new claim is submitted using the hotline, and will a first report of injury be created?

Yes to both. The hotline nurse will report the incident to MCIT soon after the call is made. MCIT processes the information as if the member had reported an incident. MCIT handles the report like any other reported injury. The organization’s MCIT workers’ compensation contact receives the same e-mail to retrieve a first report of injury as he or she does when a claim is submitted using the MCIT member portal.

Is the MCIT claim reporting portal still open?

Yes. The MCIT member portal for reporting workers’ compensation claims remains open and active; however, it should only be used when the employee sought treatment without contacting the hotline, when the injury resulted in emergency actions or the incident is reported to be a record only (e.g., tick bite). Members should continue to submit securely additional information as related to a claim regardless of how the injury was initially reported to

Is Medcor acting as the workers’ compensation claims representative?

No. Medcor provides a telephonic injury management service. When appropriate, an MCIT claim representative will contact the injured employee or his or her supervisor.

What if the injured employee is a minor?

Follow your employer’s procedures for managing injured employees who are minors. Medcor does not require parental consent for triage, but medical providers may require parental consent before treating employees who are minors.

Is the service available for nonwork-related injuries?

No. Follow your organization’s guidelines for nonwork injuries.

Should we call the workplace injury hotline if a visitor or client is injured on our premises?

No. Follow your organization’s guidelines for visitor injuries at your location.

Should I call the hotline with billing, payment, coverage or authorization questions?

No. Medcor is not able to answer these types of questions. Contact MCIT toll-free at 1.866.547.6516 with these questions.

Do I still need to complete my OSHA 300 log?

Yes. The workers’ compensation system is and remains separate from an organization’s obligations for Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordkeeping. Cases that may be compensable under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws may not meet the requirements for becoming an OSHA recordable case, and some OSHA 300 log cases will not be compensable under Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws. Whether a work-related injury or illness must be recorded is determined by the federal government’s OSHA recordkeeping requirements (29 CFR 1904), which are not related to Minnesota’s workers’ compensation laws. It is up to the employer to determine if the situation should be recorded and maintain the proper OSHA logs.

Do we need to modify any of our existing training or policies?

Yes. Employees and supervisors should be trained about this MCIT service. This is especially important for staff who work outside of standard business hours or in off-site locations. To assist with this training, MCIT provides a user guide, video, Quick Take on Safety script and handout (see above for links). It is important that employees and supervisors understand that the injury hotline nurse will notify MCIT of the incident, thereby eliminating this requirement for the member. This change will likely require a change in your organization’s workers’ compensation claims submission process.

Need More Information?

  • Questions about how the service works and when to use it: Members should contact MCIT at 1.866.547.6516 or with these questions.
  • Questions related to a specific employee care recommendation made by the hotline should be referred back to the workplace injury hotline at 1.833.523.0277.