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The live "2022 Coverage Update" webinar explains coverage changes for the year and addresses common questions about coverage. This session is appropriate for all member types. LEARN MORE AND REGISTER NOW »
The "Safety Committee Resource Handbook" is a no-cost publication, offering committees tools, tips and strategies to be in compliance with regulations, while effectively advancing workplace health and safety. DOWNLOAD HANDBOOK NOW »
New winter slip and fall hazard awareness materials are available at no cost now. DOWNLOAD NOW »
The new workplace injury hotline is now available for all work-related injuries. Call the hotline anytime an employee is injured on the job to connect with a registered nurse. He or she will provide self-care instructions or medical referrals as appropriate. The call also serves to begin the workers’ compensation claim process. Members are encouraged to become familiar with the service and promote its use to all supervisors and employees. LEARN MORE NOW »
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Assess Your Organization’s Cyber-security Efforts Using New Checklist from MCIT

Exposures related to data and cyber-security present one of the largest potential loss drivers of a public entity. Prevention and preparedness are critical for addressing this risk. To assist members, MCIT now offers the Cyber-security Self-assessment. It is a broad checklist that an organization uses internally to assist in identifying data security areas it may need to strengthen.
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2022 Reinsurance Renewals See Steep Increases

The MCIT Board of Directors was presented with 2022 reinsurance renewal quotes for property and liability programs at its Nov. 12 meeting. For the past several years, reinsurance carriers have scrutinized their renewals with a particular focus on exposures presented by public entity operations. Anxiety about these risks along with MCIT’s loss experience results in the Trust paying more for reinsurance in 2022.
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Clarifications to Coverage Adopted for 2022

Several clarifications to coverage in the property and liability sections of the MCIT Coverage Document take effect Jan. 1, 2022.
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Jan 19, 2022
2022 Coverage Update webinar
No cost

Apr 06, 2022
Managing the Human Resource 2022
Holiday Inn, St. Cloud
$110 per person for MCIT member organizations
$150 per person for nonmember organizations

Sep 14, 2022
Navigating Key Land Use Issues 2022
Holiday Inn, St. Cloud
$65 per person for MCIT member organizations
$105 per person for nonmember organizations