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Open Meeting Law Interpretation Upheld

The Minnesota Supreme Court reviewed what constitutes “three or more actions” under this statutory provision of the Minnesota Open Meeting Law in the case of Funk, et al. v. O’Connor, et al., A16-1645 (Minn. 2018).  In a recent opinion, the Court upheld the current interpretation of the law, concluding that “the forfeiture-of-office provision is not triggered unless three separate, sequential adjudications result in findings of three separate, unrelated Open Meeting Law violations.” 
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Plan for How to Address Citizen ‘First Amendment Audits’

Around the country and in a handful of public entities in Minnesota, citizens have been conducting First Amendment “audits.” Typically these “audits” involve an individual recording a public area of a government building or law enforcement conduct. The apparent motive behind these citizen audits is to ascertain whether the government entity’s response and subsequent conduct is consistent with the individual’s rights under the First Amendment.
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2019 Aggregate Rates: Steady and Predictable

During the MCIT Board of Directors meeting July 13, board members approved no aggregate adjustment in property/casualty rates for 2019 and an aggregate reduction of 6.4 percent for workers’ compensation. The rate decisions were based on analysis from Actuarial Advisors, MCIT’s long-time actuary.
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Dec 03, 2018
2018 Annual Meeting
Doubletree Hotel, Bloomington
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