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MCIT is a joint powers entity made up of Minnesota counties and associated public entities that pool resources to provide property, casualty and workers’ compensation coverage to members. MCIT also offers risk management and loss control services. LEARN MORE ABOUT MCIT »
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Reinsurance Carriers Avoid Public-sector Risks

For 2020 liability and property reinsurance are demanding higher premiums as well as significant changes in the terms of agreements, such as excluding coverage for some members’ exposures.
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Several Coverage Changes Take Effect in January

Members will realize a variety of coverage adjustments in 2020. All coverage changes become effective Jan. 1, 2020.* Additional information will be detailed in the MCIT Coverage Review webinars and the 2020 MCIT Coverage Document.
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New Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Workers’ Compensation Program

AWPRx will become MCIT’s new pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) Dec. 17. A PBM has been an integral part of MCIT’s workers’ compensation program since 2007.
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