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The new workplace injury hotline is now available for all work-related injuries. Call the hotline anytime an employee is injured on the job to connect with a registered nurse. He or she will provide self-care instructions or medical referrals as appropriate. The call also serves to begin the workers’ compensation claim process. Members are encouraged to become familiar with the service and promote its use to all supervisors and employees. LEARN MORE NOW »
MCIT is committed to providing critical services to its members during the spread of COVID-19. MCIT has implemented changes to meet these needs, to help ensure the health and safety of its employees, to respond to member expectations, and to meet legal and financial obligations of the organization. MCIT has also pulled together information members need to manage risks during this unusual period. CONNECT WITH INFORMATION AND RESOURCES »
A regular e-mail sent by the safety coordinator or safety committee to employees can help create safety awareness and remind employees that a safe work place is important to everyone in the organization. MCIT has made this easy by providing a series of ready-to-send safety messages. SEE MESSAGES AND SENDING INSTRUCTIONS »
Employees should use this form to purchase necessary medications for their work-related injury or illness. DOWNLOAD FORM NOW »
MCIT is a joint powers entity made up of Minnesota counties and associated public entities that pool resources to provide property, casualty and workers’ compensation coverage to members. MCIT also offers risk management and loss control services. LEARN MORE ABOUT MCIT »
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Permitted Inquiries and Protections for High Risk Workers Under the ADA

With businesses opening back up, it is important to remember that COVID-19 is still a new disease, and our knowledge about it changes weekly, and perhaps even more frequently than that. As a result, employers need to be aware of permissible inquiries related to disabilities, and know what special precautions they should take for employees with high risk conditions. Also, employers should check regularly to see if guidance has changed, as previous guidances from federal agencies have been reversed or revoked just days later.
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Safety Culture Corner: Hold Important Meetings Virtually

In-person conferences and staff meetings have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Given the large number of employees working from home offices and social distancing protocols, many meetings have been canceled or postponed. If not already doing so, MCIT members should consider phone or video conferencing as an alternative to in-person meetings, especially those addressing important issues.
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MCIT Seminars Canceled

Due to ongoing circumstances related to COVID-19, MCIT, in collaboration with any co-sponsors, has canceled all in-person training events through the end of the year. This includes the seminar “Data Breaches: A Primer for County Attorneys,” ”How to Conduct an Employee Investigation” and “Risk Management Workshops.”
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Aug 28, 2020
Data Breaches: A Primer for County Attorneys
MCIT Building: 100 Empire Dr., St. Paul, MN 55103
$65 per person

Sep 09, 2020
How to Conduct an Employee Investigation
Tuscan Center, St. Cloud
MCIT members: $110 per person
Nonmembers: $150 per person

Oct 21, 2020
Risk Management Workshop: Mankato
Country Inn and Suites, Mankato
MCIT members: $65 per person
Nonmembers: $105 per person