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Get answers to common questions about how workers' compensation responds to various employee situations related to COVID-19. Also check out decision trees for COVID-19 and workers' compensation, FFCRA and OSHA reporting. GO TO FAQS NOW »
Winter 2020-21 Step Wisely materials now available feature the acronym P.A.W.S. : Pause, Assess, Walk Safely to raise awareness about hazards among staff. DOWNLOAD MATERIALS NOW »
The live webinar “2021 MCIT Coverage Update” focuses on changes in coverage taking effect in 2021, particularly to Cyber Suite coverage, and common questions about coverage. This webinar includes a Q&A session at the end.  LEARN MORE AND REGISTER NOW »
The new workplace injury hotline is now available for all work-related injuries. Call the hotline anytime an employee is injured on the job to connect with a registered nurse. He or she will provide self-care instructions or medical referrals as appropriate. The call also serves to begin the workers’ compensation claim process. Members are encouraged to become familiar with the service and promote its use to all supervisors and employees. LEARN MORE NOW »
New materials assist members in building and supporting a positive safety culture. Work Wisely materials include a handbook and safety culture campaign items. VIEW AND DOWNLOAD MATERIALS NOW »
MCIT is a joint powers entity made up of Minnesota counties and associated public entities that pool resources to provide property, casualty and workers’ compensation coverage to members. MCIT also offers risk management and loss control services. LEARN MORE ABOUT MCIT »
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CONFIDE Serves Commissioners

Commissioners’ service to the county and constituents can take a toll on their happiness, peace of mind or family life. Because of this, MCIT has established a professional consulting and counseling program known as CONFIDE specifically for commissioners/elected leaders and their families.
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Workplace Injury Hotline FAQs

The workplace injury hotline is a quick way for employees injured on the job to receive medical advice about how best to treat the injury by calling 1.833.523.0277. When the service is used, Medcor, the service administrator, notifies MCIT about the incident. This begins the workers’ compensation claims process. Although the hotline is simple to use, members may have questions about it and how to incorporate it into their workplace injury procedures.
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Webinars Detail Important Changes to Coverage for 2021

MCIT will offer 2021 Coverage Review webinars in mid-January. These sessions are an excellent opportunity to learn about MCIT coverage, particularly changes for 2021, and how coverage applies to a member’s operations.
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