Employee Assistance Program

Employee Assistance Program Provides No-Cost Access to Qualified Counselors

The MCIT Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a risk management tool designed to provide employees of MCIT members and their dependents access to a qualified counselor in an office setting to assist in resolving personal issues that may affect performance at work. This voluntary program provides short-term, no cost counseling services for issues related to finances, work, chemical dependency, stress, relationships and other life concerns. MCIT contracts with Sand Creek for these services. 

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Employee Assistance Program: Employer Promotion Guide 

Quick guide lists EAP services, no-cost marketing materials available through MCIT and 20 ideas for promoting the EAP to employees.

Download Employee Assistance Program: Employer Promotion Guide now.


Smiling mature woman looks over her shoulder. Text: Your EAP Is ... Supportive"EAP Promotional Materials Available at No Cost

Embed videos and download posters, mini fliers and e-mails now.

Videos newly added: A series of short videos spotlighting the features and benefits of the Employee Assistance Program are now available to share with staff.

Materials are provided at no cost to member organizations to help build awareness of the Employee Assistance Program among their employees. See the EAP Employer Guide for tips and ideas for promoting the program.


Law Enforcement Employee Assistance Program

Law Enforcement Employee Assistance Program brochure cover shows sheriff looking down a road at sunsetThe job of law enforcement often requires that individuals, their spouses and dependents face personal and emotionally challenging situations. They may feel as if they are alone in trying to manage these. The Law Enforcement Employee Assistance Program provides professional, private support for personal concerns that may affect law enforcement employees’ work or home life at no-cost to them. Many counselors are available who have a law enforcement service background.

Download the Law Enforcement Assistance Program brochure
Order printed Law Enforcement Assistance Program brochures: E-mail info@mcit.org or call 1.866.547.6516 to place your order

CONFIDE for Commissioners and Elected Officials

CONFIDE is a service of the MCIT Employee Assistance Program for county commissioners and elected officials. It provides confidential, professional counseling to support the well-being of these local government leaders and their dependents. Elected office can take its toll on an official’s happiness, peace of mind and family life. This program is designed specifically to aid commissioners and elected leaders and their families during difficult and challenging times.

Download the CONFIDE for Elected Officials brochureCONFIDE brochure cover image to learn more. To request printed CONFIDE brochures: e-mail info@mcit.org or call 1.866.547.6516.


EAP Brochures and Wallet Cards

MCIT provides brochures that members can pass out to their employees and elected officials that explain the employee assistance program and the services it provides. Three versions are available: one for general staff, one for supervisors and managers, and one for commissioners and elected officials.

EAP Employee Brochure Cover ImageDownload a PDF of the EAP employee brochure.

Request PDF or printed copies of the EAP supervisor brochure:  E-mail info@mcit.org or call 1.866.547.6516.

Wallet cards can be placed in employees’ wallets so they always have the EAP contact phone number with them.

Request printed brochures and wallet cards: E-mail info@mcit.org or call 1.866.547.6516.


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24-hour Supervisor Coaching

Supervisors can face circumstances with individual employees or with their teams that present challenges. Sand Creek is available to provide support and consultation for supervisors 24 hours a day. This free, phone-based service is designed to help members sort through concerns and find the best way to respond to employees and manage difficult workplace situations. Qualified counselors who offer a broad perspective and understanding of public entities are just a call away.

  • Download Coaching for Supervisors Services flier: 1 per page PDF or 2 per page PDF
  • Request printed fliers or a PDF of the EAP Coaching Services for Supervisors flier: e-mail info@mcit.org or call 1.866.547.6516.

Substance Abuse Professional Services

If a member has employees who must carry a commercial driver’s license for work, the employer may need the services of a substance abuse professional (SAP). The Department of Transportation (DOT) has extensive regulations that govern a driver’s alcohol and drug use. If a driver violates those regulations (i.e., tests positive on a UA screen, refuses a test or is found in possession), the employer needs to refer that driver to an SAP for assessment and recommendations.

This is a highly scripted process the employee must complete prior to returning to any type of DOT safety sensitive job. Sand Creek provides substance abuse professional services at no cost to all MCIT eligible employers and their drivers who have a DOT violation. In addition, Sand Creek coaches employers through that process, so they are compliant with DOT regulations. 

An SAP assessment provides the employee with a chemical health assessment, clinical assessment tools, recommendations and a follow-up assessment. Sand Creek’s SAP services provide the employer with written documentation of the client’s attendance at an SAP appointment, reports on the driver’s compliance with recommendations and a follow-up testing schedule that is compliant with DOT regulations. This is a multistep process that can take weeks or months to complete, and Sand Creek partners with MCIT members every step of the way.

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